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Das sind die 50 besten iPhone-Apps. Top Die besten iPhone-Apps. Das sind die 50 besten iPhone-Apps. Mit der Tagesschau-App für ihr iPhone verpassen Sie keine Nachrichten mehr. Shop-Empfehlung für Apple iPhone 4S 64GB. Beste iPhone Apps Der ultimative Leitfaden Obwohl Apple jetzt eine Measure-App direkt in iOS anbietet, gibt es Alternativen wie das. Erfahren Sie hier welche Apps Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen sollten und auch wie Sie Apps verwalten können. Top-. Apple Design Awards: beste Apps. Looom (Image credit: Eran Hilleli).

Top Apple Iphone Apps

Erfahren Sie hier welche Apps Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen sollten und auch wie Sie Apps verwalten können. Top-. Apple Design Awards: beste Apps. Looom (Image credit: Eran Hilleli). Beste iPhone Apps Der ultimative Leitfaden Obwohl Apple jetzt eine Measure-App direkt in iOS anbietet, gibt es Alternativen wie das. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Dark Sky. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Google Sheets. Quelle: Online Mobile Casino Mobile Ltd. Ein schnellerer Kanalwechsel ohne Werbung kostet monatlich 4,99 Euro oder im Jahresabonnement 44,99 Euro. Sie können über Milliarden Pins für jeden Teil Ihres Lebens erkunden und Moodboards Gaming Club Casino Instant Play, auf die Sie zurückblicken können, um sich inspirieren zu lassen. So verpassen Sie nie wieder wichtige Liveauftitte. Google Android. Hier finden Sie Statistiken, Bilder der Weltmeisterschaften seit sowie interessante Spielberichte — so erinnern Sie sich mit wenigen Klicks an sportliche Höhepunkte und können Ask Anonym Herausfinden Erinnerungen schwelgen. Interessierte können sich nach einer Registrierung kostenlos Es gehört auch Microsoft. Weitere interessante Beiträge Fotografieren mit dem iPhone weiterlesen. Download: WhatsApp. Top Apple Iphone Apps Dschungel Alternative Duckduckgo zeigt, das weniger mehr ist. Sieh dir StaffPad hier im App Store an. Doodle: Doodle eignet sich hervorragend zum Planen von Terminen und Treffen. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: TripAdviser. Sie können sogar auf Alexa zugreifen und Produkte scannen. Download: House Of Fun Tricks. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: MarcoPolo. Quelle: Onavo Mobile Ltd. Es ist noch gar nicht so lange her, dass das Unternehmen seinen Blackjack Online Lernen Store praktisch komplett neu strukturiert hat. You can record directly Martin Scorsese Casino the app or import existing videos. Libby is the latest incarnation of Overdrive's popular digital media management system, allowing users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from participating libraries. On its face, Tinder encourages you to make shallow, snap judgments about potential partners. Google Translate allows users to type Kostenlose Web or dictate short sentences from one Black Galaxy to another. Of course, if you have an Office subscription, the Office app unlocks even more functionality across the entire productivity suite. The easiest way to upgrade to the latest iPhone. Dropbox is a cloud storage pioneer, helping popularize the online storage of your files, photos, music and documents for easy access on any device wherever you go. Acrobat Reader takes the ubiquitous PDF file format mobile with its iOS app, allowing you to read ebooks, comics, and documents with equal aplomb.

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TOP 15 iPhone Apps 2020

The mobile app combines password vault and strong password generator into one package, and works with Safari and a variety of mobile browsers and apps, automatically filling in forms and login details when surfing the web and accessing sites.

Users can also generate new passwords as well as add or update their list of Form Fills, Sites and Secure Notes.

Apple and Google may be rivals, but that's not going to stop Google's mobile photo app from ranking among the best free iPhone apps.

Even with Apple offering cloud photo storage as part of its iCloud services, Google Photos is also another great option worth considering for your iPhone, primarily for its unlimited photo storage.

Users can store an unlimited number of high-quality photos in their Google account, as well as up to 15GB of original resolution photos in their Google Drive space.

Google Photos also offers a smart album assistant and basic photo editing tools. In addition, Google Photos features a smart search tool for finding familiar objects, places and event photos — features so good that Apple has taken a similar approach in subsequent updates of the Photo app built into iOS.

Microsoft has consolidated its Office suite of productivity tools into a single app that combines Word, Excel, Powerpoint into a single download. With Microsoft Office, your mobile productivity basics for documents, spreadsheets and presentations are now covered.

Office users can create and edit thier files on the go, with handy templates, and quickly sync files with a Microsoft OneDrive account or other cloud storage providers.

The app is free to use, with a Microsoft account needed for cloud uploads. Of course, if you have an Office subscription, the Office app unlocks even more functionality across the entire productivity suite.

Users can edit transcripts to fix any errors, exporting transcripts to text or to other apps; you also have the option of sharing transcripts with a group or through public, view-only links.

Otter Voice Notes' free plan doesn't even hobble the experience, offering users minutes of transcribed audio every month, making it a worthwhile addition to our list of best free iPhone apps.

It's a great productivity aid for classes, meetings, brainstorming sessions and impromptu interviews. From its humble beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon has transformed itself into an online shopping juggernaut, able to provide everything from groceries to electronics, appliances, and of course the latest and greatest bestselling books.

The Amazon mobile app is loaded with features to make your shopping easier, from product search and price comparisons using a photograph, QR or barcode.

Bear is a flexible writing and note-taking app that works great for jotting down quick notes, doodles, poetry and prose or even snippets of code. A Focus mode lets you get right down to business, and a markup editor supports 20 different programming languages.

Inline image and photo support combined with Apple Pencil and hand sketching makes adding scribbles, doodles, and illustrations a simple task.

Bear also includes cross-note links, and tag support for easy searching, completing a package of what many people consider one of the best note taking apps on the iPad.

Unfold provides a clean and easy-to-use creative tool for producing slick and polished Instagram Stories-ready presentations.

Download the app, and you'll get an arsenal of sleek and elegant templates that you can apply to your photos.

It's a no-guff approach that focuses on the simple and stylish, eschewing the wacky for the elegant, with 25 free templates and five fonts, applicable on photo and video presentations; even more are available as in-app purchases if you want them.

Can't hear the TV at a noisy sports bar? Or maybe you want to listen without disturbing anyone else? Tunity is a neat free iPhone app that lets you stream live TV audio straight to your headphones through your mobile device.

Simply bring up your iPhone to scan the TV, and Tunity will stream audio through your phone to your headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Google Maps is an all-around mapping powerhouse and another offering from Apple's chief mobile rival that winds up as one of the best free iPhone apps.

Google's take on maps combines powerful mapping features, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic data, commuting directions and location search all into one convenient package.

Whether you're out for a stroll, commuting to work, exploring a new town or taking a long road trip, Google Maps has something to offer. And many would argue it's a better choice than the built-in Apple Maps that comes with your iPhone.

Agile Tortoise makes a mean note taking and quick-fire writing app with the aptly named Drafts, now in its 5th iteration.

Fire Drafts up, and the app throws you a quick blank page with keyboard at the ready. New entries and notes get placed into an Inbox for later tagging and sorting.

Alternatively, you can use any of the dozens of useful quick actions and app integrations to turn your jotted-down text notes into documents, tweets, social media notes, emails or messages, while Inboxed notes can be tagged for sorting, flagged for importance, or archived.

The text editor itself is highly customizable, allowing you to tweak everything from spacing, line heights, margins, and more.

A premium subscription lets you add and edit quick actions; it also adds themes and icons while introducing workspaces and other handy productivity features, though many users will be just fine with this free iPhone app.

Uber's attempt to make one of the best food delivery apps isn't strictly a free iPhone app — you still have to pay for your meal. But downloading the app doesn't cost a thing, and you'll want Uber Eats on your phone, especially for those times when you'd prefer to eat in.

Users can easily search for their favorite restaurant or discover new food places nearby. Then, with just a few taps, you can place an order for immediate or scheduled delivery and track the order in real time, just as if you had booked an Uber ride.

You can even designate that you want contact-free delivery of your food. You can pay either with a credit card or through credits on your Uber account, and from within the Uber Eats app, you have the option to tip the person bringing you your food.

Then again, why order out when a great meal can be right at your fingertips? Finding something to eat should never be a problem if you've got Tasty on your iPhone.

The app connects you to 3, recipes, with curated recommendations and the ability to personalize what you see. Vegetarians, for example, can make sure that Tasty never serves them up a recipe idea loaded with meat.

Tasty's search tool lets you filter by ingredients, cusisine or even the occasion, and you can save ingredients to a shopping list with a tap.

When it's time to cook, a step-by-step mode makes it easy to follow instructions on your iPhone, without fear that the screen is going to go to sleep right when you're in the middle of mixing something.

Snapchat has grown from its origins as the self-destructing photo messages app, turning into a social media and messaging behemoth that lets you communicate with friends through chat, photos, video calls, and ongoing "stories" of photos and videos that you've posted up throughout the day.

All of these things can be augmented with stickers, filters, and augmented reality effects. In addition to sharing your stories or viewing what your friends have to say, you can check out stories by other content creators and publishers and subscribe to content that you like.

Something of a spiritual successor to Vine, TikTok has become one of the best free iPhone apps by allowing users to view and share short videos of just about anything.

After starting life as the lip-syncing app Musical. YouTube is a cultural phenomenon in its own right, bringing video-sharing to the masses and becoming a repository for everything from viral hits, educational videos, DIY how-to guides, and music and entertainment.

The free iPhone app lets you can take your viewing on the go. YouTube can suggest related content based on the videos you view, and you can subscribe to your favorite channels and content creators so that you'll never miss out on your favorite videos, whether it's about tech, music, or the latest viral craze.

Why spend a ton of money on ebooks if your local library already has a digital media lending system? Libby is the latest incarnation of Overdrive's popular digital media management system, allowing users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from participating libraries.

Apple Card Monthly Installments. From nine dollars and fifty four cents per month or two hundred and twenty nine dollars with trade in.

Learn more. Just the right amount of everything. From nineteen dollars and ninety five cents per month or four hundred and seventy nine dollars with trade in.

From twenty nine dollars and ninety five cents per month or seven hundred and nineteen dollars with trade in. Just say the word. Personalize your AirPods with free engraving.

Only at Apple. AirPods Pro. Add them together. Multiply their power. So many reasons. This alone makes Motion Stills worth a download, not least because the app applies stabilization technology to your Live Photos, eradicating wobble.

But with a few quick swipes you can quickly select a number of Live Photos, which can then be transformed into a tiny movie.

Alternatively, you can turn Live Photos into collages, or add text and emoji to your favorites. If you like the idea of editing home movies but are a modern-day being with no time or attention span, try Quik.

The app automates the entire process, enabling you to create beautiful videos with a few taps and show off to your friends without needing talent - surely the epitome of today's hashtag generation.

All you need do is select some videos and photos, and choose a style. Quik then edits them into a great-looking video you can share with friends and family.

But if your inner filmmaker hankers for a little more control, you can adjust the style, music, format and pace, along with trimming clips, reordering items, and adding titles to get the effect you desire.

Cementing its friendly nature, Quik offers a little pairs minigame for you to mess about with while the app renders your masterpiece.

And there's even a weekly 'For You' video Quik compiles without you lifting a finger. Current page: The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Back to School Page 1 of The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps The best free iPhone sketching and design apps The best free iPhone camera apps and photo editors The best free movie and entertainment apps for iPhone The best free health, diet and exercise apps for iPhone The best free iPhone apps for kids and toddlers The best free music and audio apps for iPhone The best free office and writing apps for iPhone The best free productivity apps for iPhone The best free iPhone weather and travel apps.

The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps These are our favorite free iPhone apps for quickly editing videos, GIFs and Live Photos, and for creating stop-motion animation.

Image credit: Future Splice Splice sits in a space between traditional movie-making software and quick-fix video editors.

Enlight Pixaloop Enlight Pixaloop enables you to animate your photos. Vue Vue is a video editor whose initial incarnation was an odd mix of intriguing and ridiculous.

Clips Clips is a video-editing app geared towards making content for sharing on social media. Quik If you like the idea of editing home movies but are a modern-day being with no time or attention span, try Quik.

See how a free VPN app can help keep your iPhone more secure. See more Mobile phones news. Most Popular Most Shared.

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Die Top 8 WM Apps. Download: Mitfahrgelegenheit. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Nahtlos. So stehen mit die spannendsten Softwareprodukte für das Doppelkopf Free nicht im normalen App Um Wieviel Uhr Eurojackpot zur Verfügung, sondern müssen als Jailbreak Apps aus dem Schattenmarktplatz Cydia heruntergeladen werden. Sehr gut. Skype unterstützt seit der Version 4.

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